Welcome to my website.

My Earthly name is Glenn Smith and I’m an illustrator/art mercenary of rural/urban Australia.

Please feel free to flick through this virtual sketchbook and leave me a message.
The old sketchbooks are falling apart so here you go… a few select art-pieces of the many I have produced for screen-printing, promotional design, magazine illustration, kids comics, collaboration, tattoos, exhibitions, rock-bands and myself.

I am constantly seeking commissions and thrill-seeking art projects (in order to afford all the Artline pens I seem to keep getting through) so get in touch!
I can also arrange high-quality prints of anything you see on this site, as well as comics, music and assorted stuff I have self-published.


Update 2009

Firstly, I asked Gina to marry me and she said yes.
I am one lucky Glenn.
Before you ask when the big day is, all i can say is that everyday has been big, happy and full of hope since we got together.
Happy as.

2008 was one hell of a busy year and very grateful for it.
I have updated my rockin images and you'll see I've really put in for some of the world's greatest bands.
Meatlocker (screenprinted posters!), Walrora, Ivens, Say Bok Gwai (Canto-core!), Kill a Celebrity....

Did a cool poster for the most drunk, grind-fest ever - Slaughterfest 2.
Talking of GRIND, curby from Obscene Extreme got me to do a few designs for the Obscene Extreme festival of the freak in Czech.www.obsceneextreme.cz
The Captain Cleanoff cd is out and well worth the wait...Brilliant.
Bloodduster gave me 10 days to do art for three re-issues after Relapse records sent them some of the worse in-house covers I've ever seen.
This gave me R.S.I. but it turned out great...Bloodduster are still coming up with the goods, and like the mighty Hard-ons, keep getting better with age.
I think my most favourite art I have ever done ...ever...was for the new Pod People album ------. Grandiose!. It is about to come out on vinyl with a gatefold ouija board,
double vinyl with the D side etched by myself....I am working on the video clip for "Liar" with my good mate Ross Tesoriero and it will blow minds.

Dennis Dread has been a "pen-pal" (remember them?) of mine for about 12 years. He produces the amazing "Destoying Angels" zine, all about real,underground art.
He included me in this years Entarte Kunst exhibition with such luminaries as Joe Petagno (Motorhead), Bobby BeauSoleil, Rev Kriss.....www.dennisdread.com
his art is great and his blog is interesting as.
thank you Dennis. Also in Portland, a new friend of mine Mike Sufkin (who does amazing art http://mikesutfin.blogspot.com/2008/08/feast-your-eyes-sept-5th-portland.html), got me included in the Feast You Eyes exhibition.
I have a real taste for showing my wares overseas and hope to do the same in person in Tokyo in April, with fellow inkster Ben Brown.
This idea was sparked through our association with Supply, a Sydney based t-shirt company that makes t-shirts that i'd buy!
I have done some cool designs for them of late and thank Shawn, not only for his excellent taste in music, but for supporting the idea that t-shirts are stand alone artworks, especially when so many companies are pretending to do be doing pioneering, focused, well-reseached ranges. The wheel was invented years ago, and it's soundtrack is metal.

Conquest for Death blew our minds with their October tour. www.conquestfordeath.com
Check the poster out...they will play anywhere, Anyhow!...they are featured in the new issue of unbelievably bad zine. The greatest zine ever..profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=29854496..I had the chance to interview my mate Devon as well as interviewing Sly Splatterhead. I am sitting on some amazing live and rare tracks that will make up a Cd release by myself in the new year. The Splatterheads to me represent true aussie punk rock and their influence on me was profound! In the new issue ( 8 ), I was honoured to colour up a Donny Rate illo for the cover.....it really is the best zine ever...
While i'm thanking everyone who has helped me out this year, Matt Reekie is on top of the pile. I have been illustrating the reviews page for Blunt magazine thanks to him and some ofthe illos have been great...----- the metallica one was great to do....that band should have stopped years and many tears ago.

Talking of REUNIONS...Lawnsmell, my old band is doing a one off gig to raise money for MS. A CD, poster and t-shirt will be available to you good folk as well as an all-star auction of rockin', cool stuff...that's March -- http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=414690722- - . We have just had one practice and after 13 years we are rusty but intense as ever!This all came after we had just reissued our entire catalogue on a double disc called
LAWNOGRAPHY....great packaging by Dual Pover!...send me $20 and I'l send you a copy. Send me another $20 bucks and I'll send you the Glenjamin comic book. It's 140 plus pages of laughs and Genius stuff by my send and the delicious Benjamin Hutchings....send another $5 and I'll through in the new Entrailer trash comic that I do with the Scrumptious Ross Tesoriero.

No Comply included myself in the mix for their annual Skateboard exhibition.Gina and myself travelled to Melbs for the launch and it was a great night. Check out the link and I hope to see you at the Sydney launch in mid February.www.nocomply.com.

Hi there 2008!

Glenno here with my yearly update. I've posted 40 or so new images this time, culled from the hundreds of images i've produced last year. I'm nursing a wrist addled with r.s.i. from busting deadlines and satiating visions of grandeur.

Late last year I went to Turkey for a while with my beautiful girlfriend Gina and it blew my mind. I have drawn some stuff inspired by that experience that will hopefully appear on a gallery wall or two this year.

I have just aggravated the wrist by designing front and back covers for Bloodduster's re-issue of their first three brutal albums on Relapse records....all in a measly 6 days. A real privilege but a real headache. I had to produce at a super-human pace. Talking of great Aussie grind-core, Captain Cleanoff commissioned me to design their long awaited newie which is well worth the 6 year wait - Symphonies of Slackness.

The real masterpiece of dark art is the images I've done for Pod People for their next album based on Dante in Purgatory. This album should be out some time this year. As you can tell, I love collaborating with great bands and lucky for me, I've become involved in the greatest rock magazine this country has ever had - Unbelievably Bad. The next issue will feature the African/Indian Ocean exploits of Conquest for Death as they go where only pirates have gone before as well as my correspondence with my real, rock hero Sly Splatterhead..

Contact me if you want my new comic called Street Monkeys...it's about street monkeys... $5 There is also a plan to launch a Glenjamin book at this years Comedy Festival in Melbourne around late March so look out....there's always lots doing and I can't mention everything...it keeps me from drawing, so keep your eyes peeled.


Rock 'N' Roll Mercenaries

Rod Hunt and Glenn Smith have both dabbled in the live music scene in Sydney for a decade or more. Glenn in Lawnsmell, Stitch-face and Necrotardation - Rod in Terrible Virtue, Persecution, Murder and The Blasting Process. This high-paying, stable lifestyle has evolved by necessity down the same glamourous path, only this time as mercenaries... photographing and designing for said, beautiful rock people...

The fruits of these encounters are here for all to see, for 3 days only, just down the block from Sydney’s premiere hole-in the wall record shop Paint it Black (who are also raking it in, retiring at 40 etc.).....#22 Enmore Road, Newtown...(opposite Oportos)

Rod Hunt has had his work published in the Rolling Stone, Blunt, Drum Media, Kerrang!, Terrorizer (UK) and Australian Guitar - Rock action from such luminaries as -
Slayer - Icarus line - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Story of the Year - Massappeal - Rollins Band - Andrew WK - The Dead Walk - Toe to Toe - Mindsnare - Blood Duster - Danzig - fuck...I'm dead - Parkway drive - I Killed the Prom Queen - Some Girls - Gazoonga Attack - Atreyu - Avenged sevenfold - Amen - Danko Jones - Tool - Satyricon - Against Me - Pure evil trio - Conation - Sick of it All - 4 Dead - Bleeding Through - Grand Fatal - The Hard Ons

Glenn Smith has done illustration work for the Rolling Stone, Unbelievably bad and a ton of self-published and d.i.y. band productions. He is currently designing for SMP and welcomes all comers like the dirty mercenary that he is. Some of the bands that have enlisted the fine-line illustration (or not) of Glenno include - Electric Wizard - Pod People - Artimus Pyle - Pisschrist - Conquest for Death - The Optionals - Municipal Waste - Mink Jaguar -
Pure Evil Trio - 4 Dead - Agents of Abhorrence - Willie Nelson - Voivod - Snoop Dogg - Megadeth - The Darkness - Black Sabbath - George Thorogood

In all seriousness, if you have any interest in the Australian rock underground (as well as some blow-ins and international types), this will be a great distraction from the oncoming Christmas assault...oh...and be sure to purchase an art-print, original or photographic print
For your loved ones......great stocking-stuffers.

The work featured includes gig-posters, original illustration, collage and photography.

Opening Night is from 6pm onwards - Friday night, on the 1st of December
Saturday arvo 11-5
Sunday arvo 12-6

Update 2006!

Happy New Year! Well, I'm ecstatically happy to be back in Sydney where I have hit the ground running at a prolific speed.

Ltd Edition numbered, signed colour prints on card are very much available.

Check out the Electric Wizard/Pod People tour poster that is almost sold out. You can get 'em from www.soundundergrouind.com or email me and I'll point you in the right direction.

Electric Wizard Sydney Harbour cruise was AMAZING. There are still t-shirts available.

Electric Wizard Tour shirt

Electric Wizard T-shirt

Pod People T-shirt.

Another incredible band of the thrash variety is Agents of Abhorrence from Melbourne. There will be a very limited amount of tour posters available soon.stay tuned.

If you are a band or you just need some art for whatever ...get in touch. I have a full year of doubt and void to fill with my obsessive need to create.

The long-talked about Lawnography will see the light of day this year. It will be double c.d. full of unreleased and old-timey favourites.

Check out the new Glenjamin section in Ben Hutchings website…we both do a sweet, funny comic together and you need 1 and 2…we are working on number 3 as I pontificate.

While you’re checking out my tasty links, go check out Ross Tesoriero’s site…we do a comic called Entrailer Trash and it rocks like a hurricane…er…cyclone.

I recently attempted the 24 hour queens birthday comic challenge with my two good art buddies Ross and Ben…I did 8 pages in 11 hours and it sucked….Ben and Ross finished their 24 pages in 24 hours…..freaks!!!!. Check it out at Comics Australia.

Copies are still available of these fine comics as well as 2 anthologies I recently editored. Country Cousins and Childhood…they feature some of Australia’s Weirdest and Bestest smallpress/comics folk……….about $5 each

Recently did some art for the Sydney Hickrock band Spurs for Jesus. They have a cd out soon called Dark Side of the Saloon. The cd art is unreal if I don’t say so myself…the music is amazingly great too.

Also did some Thrashin’ art for Agents of Abhorrence of late. These guys are the coolest 2 piece spastic grind violence ever.

Still procrastinating about Necrotardation #2….#1 still available….I’ve got to pull my finger out because the music is great….so is the story….i’m just so swamped….i need total retard clarity to attempt such a project.

I do a children’s comic at the moment but it’s a bit of a secret so there…it’s my guilty little refuge from the normal, ab-normal stuff I find myself doing….

I had a fairly low-key exhibition in Bathurst in January 2005 in a gallery called Warpstanza. It’s provided me with a whole years worth of fine line illustrations and prints all framed and ready to release to the cashed up public.

Talking about Exhibitions…The mother of all Australian underground comics occurred in my hometown of Orange, with little ol’ me curating a massive 27 artist extravaganza….catalogues are still available from me for $5…check out this sweet invite…it may well tour…it may not…I am exhausted from the experience, although it was well worth it.